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Ezekiel White
Ezekiel White

Rogers Dynasonic Serial Numbers [UPD]

There were only 20 of these snare drums produced. The top 5 quality snares were picked out of the 20, and sent to us. This is the Third Lowest serial number of the 5 we received. Prototype Second.They were originally produced with a white marine pearl wrap on them. The wrap that was on these drums had some discoloration..these drums were sent back to the factory, had the wrap stripped off, and a natural hand rubbed satin finish was applied. These are in fact prototype, 20 of a kind. These were graded depending on where the ply-seam landed on the drum. All seams are on the backside, none lie visible near the badge. There are 0 issues with the drum and/or finish. These are all low serial numbers in the line up. Extremely Rare and Collectable moving forward.

Rogers Dynasonic Serial Numbers

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