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Howl (2015)

A proper setting is the foundation of any great horror film. Naturally, film is a complex medium, comprised of sights, sounds, and intangible narrative elements that all come together to create the setting. One could argue that this rather inclusive definition merges atmosphere with setting, but regardless of how you define them, both concepts work hand in hand. So, what makes a good setting for horror? Truthfully, it depends on a variety of factors. That said, most horror films rely on isolation, claustrophobia, darkness, or a combination of the three. In Howl (2015), director Paul Hyett masterfully combines all three elements to create a thoroughly entertaining monster movie.

Howl (2015)


Howl is a pretty suspenseful, entertaining little movie that transcends its low budget. The filmmakers skillfully use strange noises, howling, lighting and music to build suspense. After a slow start, the movie gets cooking with numerous wolf attacks and man-wolf fighting. The movie embraces its low budget and uses its lack of extras to its advantage. This is the exact movie that Midnight Meat Train was hoping to be. But the filmmakers pulled this one off with a smaller budget and more ambition. 041b061a72


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