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Comfort Care Kits

Helping along the journey


Allison Lazore

Allison is a preschool teacher in Alabama.  She is battling  stage 2 Invasive Mammary Carcinoma .  She is currently undergoing chemo as well as a clinical trial  with immunotherapy drugs and as she is positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, will later have a mastectomy and
reconstruction.   Allison has a great support system and she is a fighter!   We are keeping her in our prayers and will continue to support her during her journey.  Her message: “ Stay positive and take it one day at a time.  Lean on family and friends and FIGHT!”


Frank Dean

“It was a delightful surprise and honestly I was touched to receive it.... 😍 As one does I had some favourites but Tbh it all pretty much hit the spot which I think is impressive given you may not know all that much about me…..My particular favourites were the blanket, notebook and chap sticks.  Oh and the bag, I really like the bag... plus the strength & peace glass stones... I like stones like that.
I think to be fair I have to put some context around my chemo; it's topical so applied as a cream locally to a sensitive area.  However to be straight the post application has not been pleasant, especially as the chemo had spread and then the burnt area got infections but now I am finally on the way with healing and moving freely in the last two days.  I tell you this as I don't consider myself a real cancer warrior compared to what others have so not sure I deserve this care package.... but still thrilled I did 😁”

Kris Lapent Timothy.JPG

Kristine Timothy

Kris is currently fighting Ovarian Cancer  for the 3rd time .  Kris has an amazing attitude and such a positive outlook.  We continue to wish her the very best and support her in any way we can.  Her message : “As a survivor, I encourage all women to listen to your body.  Please do not ignore those things that don’t feel “right” .  Go see your doctor! That’s what I did and was lucky to catch it early! “



Colin is 10 years old and is currently undergoing chemo treatment for Leukemia.  He is also a hockey player and big hockey fan . Sweet Magnolias worked with the Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey team to send them some autographed cards to help brighten their days on this brave journey.

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