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Warrior Recipients

We would like to highlight some of our brave warriors and share their stories.

Sweet Magnolias had the amazing opportunity to send a chemo comfort kit to one of our brave warriors– Colin and some fun stuff for his awesome big brother Liam!  Colin is 10 years old and is currently undergoing chemo treatment for Leukemia.  He is also a hockey player and big fan . Sweet Magnolias worked with the Vegas Golden Knights NHL hockey team to send them some autographed cards to help brighten their days on this brave journey. 


Frank Dean is another Chemo Comfort Kit recipient.  We received a beautiful letter of thanks from him from New Zealand:

“It was a delightful surprise and honestly I was touched to receive it.... 😍 As one does I had some favourites but Tbh it all pretty much hit the spot which I think is impressive given you may not know all that much about me…..My particular favourites were the blanket, notebook and chap sticks.  Oh and the bag, I really like the bag... plus the strength & peace glass stones... I like stones like that.

I think to be fair I have to put some context around my chemo; it's topical so applied as a cream locally to a sensitive area (I had [not a typo, always positive with "🙃"] penile cancer). However to be straight the post application has not been pleasant, especially as the chemo had spread and then the burnt area got infections) but now I am finally on the way with healing and moving freely in the last two days.  I tell you this as I don't consider myself a real cancer warrior compared to what others have so not sure I deserve this care package.... but still thrilled I did 😁”

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