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Ezekiel White

Counter Offensive Strike: A Free and Fun Online Shooter for Your Mobile Device

Offensive Strike mobile is an online multiplayer battle has a similar game play to the great counter strike game made by valve.Join now and Play as Terrorist, or join Counter Terrorist team and start the battle.

counter offensive strike apk

Play with up to 16 real players in the most realistic environments , show others what you can do to defend yourself as a terrorist or counter terrorist choose your favorite weapon from around 30 weapons Sub-machine guns, Assault rifles, Snipers, Knifes..

Esports organizations Cloud9 and Dignitas, among others, announced plans in February 2020 to launch Flashpoint, a franchise-based league for Counter-Strike, countering concerns over the state of the current promotion/relegation leagues. The league was to be owned by the teams rather than a single organization, similar to the Overwatch League.[80]


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