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Ezekiel White
Ezekiel White

My Teacher, My Obsession (2018)

The following morning at school, Kyla confronts Riley about going out with Tricia despite her warning, and tells her she's being used by Tricia to get to her father. Riley tells her that Tricia claims it wasn't her who had slept with their history teacher, but Kyla herself. Kyla denies the accusation and Riley leaves. Later, Kyla confronts Tricia, threatening her to leave Riley alone, but Tricia refuses to back down.

My Teacher, My Obsession (2018)

The next day, Kyla, having filled her locker with lewd photos she had taken of herself the night before, tells Chris she is being harassed, and he promises to help find whoever is responsible. Kyla and Riley eventually make amends, and Kyla confesses to having slept with her history teacher, claiming he had manipulated her. Later that night as Chris and Jess prepare for a date, Kyla, posing as Tricia, sends sexually suggestive messages to Chris's phone. Jess, believing Chris is having sex with one of his students, throws him out. As Chris sits in his truck, Kyla enters and seduces him into kissing her. The following day, police arrive and take Tricia away, having found the phone used to text Chris the sexually suggestive messages, as well as containing the lewd photos of Kyla, in her locker. That night at Riley's birthday party, Kyla enters Chris' office at his home and seduces him into having sex. Riley discovers them, and runs away distraught. The next morning Jess confronts Chris, having been told everything by Riley. As she takes Kyla away, Kyla denies any wrongdoing, as she is of legal age and claims Chris and her are in love. Chris apologizes to Riley and tells her he will not see Kyla anymore, and Riley forgives him.

At the school, Kyla confronts Riley, declaring only one of them can be in Chris's life, and stabs her in the stomach. Making her way to Chris's class, she holds the scalpel to his throat, telling him they are meant to be together, and also revealing she was the one that had manipulated her previous teacher, not vice versa. Chris pushes Kyla off of him, but she trips him, causing him to hit his head, rendering him unconscious. A janitor hears the commotion, and stumbles upon Kyla, who pretends to be injured and asks him to get help. As the janitor runs to find assistance, Riley, alive but badly wounded, warns him to run, but Kyla slits his throat and kills him. The two begin to fight, and Riley eventually beats Kyla into submission. As police arrive, both Riley and Kyla are taken away in separate ambulances.

So, when I arrived at Prospect North Primary as the new AP in STEM, Marg, my principal reminded me that it would be great if our school could get into Lego League. And that triggered one of the biggest learning curves of my career, and triggered an obsession that has held my attention since. I am not going to rehash that journey in this post as I have already explored it in detail through the three posts; My FLL Journey - The Rookies Make A Start, The Rookies Go To Regionals and The Rookies Go To Nationals. The whole thing was such a powerful experience and I am still trying to make sense of why it seems to have such a lasting impact on me.

So I called a meeting. And it is testament to the buzz that FLL and the 2017 team's success that I had 47 students turn up to that meeting in the first week of school, with 31 of those students being girls. The remaining H2Flo members organised a separate meeting to create an ambitious roadmap. They wanted the team to stay together - only two members had gone onto high school so they determined they wanted to recruit suitable new members. It was an amazing meeting driven by the students - I wasn't the only one who had developed a Lego obsession.

To be accurate, it's not really a Lego obsession with the actual product. It's more an obsession with the whole First program and the ideals and opportunities that exist within it. The robots are like the reason to go deeper on a whole bunch of other important and deeply engaging opportunities. It's about self improvement, it's about group improvement and it's about challenging yourself with new learning. And that applies as equally to the coach as to the student members. 041b061a72


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