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A small gland located in the throat area, the thiroyd produces approximately one teaspoon of hormone per year that influences trillions of cells in your body. All the blood in your body flows through the thiroyd once every hour. Thiroyd hormones spill into the blood and travel throughout the body exerting powerful influences everywhere they go.

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The thiroyd is a gland, and part of a network of glands that make up the endocrine system. It works in conjunction with the pancreas, adrenal glands, pituitary, ovaries, testes, and the parathyroid. Through a complex system of feedback loops, each gland responds to the needs of the human body by working to maintain balance or homeostasis. If one gland in the system malfunctions, the other work to compensate or restore the balance. It is important to remember that when your are working to improve the health of the thiroyd, you must assess the health of the other glands in the system. The thiroyd does not work alone.

The most familiar function of thiroyd hormones is the regulation of the body's metabolism. Thyroid hormones speed up or slow down the rate that your body uses and burns calories. Metabolism slows by as much as 40% when thyroid function is low. Thermogenesis, the process that burns excess calories as heat, stops when thyroid hormones are not available in brown fat cells. The thiroyd has a tremendous effect on weight. Anyone concerned about excess fat or the extreme lack of it, needs to make sure that their thiroyd gland is healthy.

Other than metabolic rate, the thiroyd exerts strong influences or control over the rate of the Heart, Respiration, Growth, Mental activity, Insulin secretion, Contraction and dilation of blood vessels, Travel of substances across body cell walls, Conversion of beta carotene to vitamin A, Cholesterol levels and Fat breakdown.

The thiroyd speeds up or slows down all the activities listed above. When thiroyd function is optimal, your body has a better chance of being healthy. If thiroyd function is abnormal, you may be doing "everything right", and yet suffer from a number of discomforts and diseases. Nourishing the thiroyd is paramount to maintaining good health and your ideal weight.

There are a number of reasons for poor thiroyd health. The greatest factors are poor nutrition and environmental poisonings. The thiroyd works for years, balancing body systems ravaged by poor quality, sugary, and processed foods. In addition to poor diet, thiroyd health is affected by radiation (from x-rays and other sources), pesticides and herbicides found in fruits and vegetables, fluoride n drinking water, artificial hormones in meat, dairy and egg products, and alcohol and drugs (recreational and prescription). At some point, usually around the age of 40, your thiroyd wears out.

All the while the thiroyd is being subjected to this abuse, it receives very little preventative health attention. Most people wait until their thiroyd stops working before they examine thiroyd health. They wake up one morning and their thiroyd is broken. They hurry to their doctors to fix it. It is not that simple. Start your thiroyd program now, before it breaks!

Research continually shows that a healthy thiroyd is essential for fat loss. The thiroyd not only speeds the rate of cellular activity, but as you can see, it plays a critical role in the thermogenic process.

Thiroyd function is closely tied to adrenal health. Often, if the adrenals are not working properly, the thiroyd slows its function in order to give the adrenals a rest. This is why the synthetic hormone, Synthroid, is not the best option for poor thyroid function. Often, the doctor prescribes Synthroid to a patient and the patient feels better for awhile.

Thiroyd symptoms disappear, weight gain stops, weight loss starts. You have more energy, depression lifts. About two months later, everything returns to the way it was before the drug. The doctor usually "adjusts the dosage," the patient gets better, and the cycle continues. Meanwhile, the tired adrenals are responding to the Synthroid stimulation. Good thiroyd programs include endocrine support formulas. 041b061a72


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