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Soda Stereo El Ultimo Concierto B Part2 Rar

Soda Stereo: El último concierto B

Soda Stereo was one of the most influential and popular rock bands in Latin America, formed in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The band consisted of Gustavo Cerati (vocals, guitar), Zeta Bosio (bass) and Charly Alberti (drums). They had a successful career that spanned more than 15 years, releasing seven studio albums, three live albums and several compilations. They are considered pioneers of the rock en español movement, blending rock, pop, new wave and alternative music with Latin American rhythms and sounds.


El último concierto (The Last Concert) is the third live album by Soda Stereo, released on December 16, 1997. It was recorded during their farewell tour in 1997, which marked the end of the band's activities until their reunion in 2007. The album was divided into two parts: El último concierto A and El último concierto B, each containing songs from different concerts of the tour. A DVD edition, El último concierto C, was released in 2005, comprising both A and B, and including the special features you might expect from a live DVD. A limited edition containing A, B and C was also released at the same time.

El último concierto B contains songs from the concerts in Santiago de Chile (September 13), Buenos Aires (September 20) and Rosario (September 21). It features some of the band's classic hits, such as "En la ciudad de la furia", "De música ligera", "Persiana americana" and "Signos", as well as some lesser-known songs, such as "Ella usó mi cabeza como un revólver", "Sueles dejarme solo" and "Lo que sangra (La cúpula)". The album also includes a cover of "Té para tres" by Luis Alberto Spinetta, one of the band's main influences.

The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised the band's performance, energy and emotion. It also achieved commercial success, reaching platinum status in Argentina and gold status in Chile and Mexico. It is considered one of the best live albums by Soda Stereo and one of the most memorable concerts in Latin American rock history.

If you are a fan of Soda Stereo or rock en español in general, you might be interested in downloading El último concierto B part2 rar, which is a compressed file containing the second half of the album. You can find it on various websites that offer free music downloads, such as [], or . However, be careful with the quality and legality of the files you download, as some of them might be corrupted or infringe copyright laws. Alternatively, you can buy or stream the album legally on platforms such as [Spotify], [Apple Music] or [YouTube].

Whether you listen to it online or offline, El último concierto B is a great way to enjoy Soda Stereo's music and legacy. It is a testament to their talent, creativity and passion for rock. It is also a farewell gift to their loyal fans, who still miss them and hope for another reunion someday.


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