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Using Kindle For Pc Mac 1.17

What is Kindle for PC? Kindle for PC is a free application that lets you purchase, download and read Kindle books on your PC, andsynchronize with other Kindle readers. As there are many kindle for pc versions developed by Amazon company, which one should I choose?

Using Kindle For Pc Mac 1.17

This is the first time that Kindle books adopted Kindle KFX format (with the new encryption scheme). For a very long time (about two years), you can never decrypt kindle books, until there are some volunteers update the Calibre dedrm plugin.

If you are still using kindle 1.24 to download kindle books, lucky for you. Why? Because from kindle 1.25, kindle books are not able to be cracked because of the harden KFX2 DRM. As for ebook user, there are slight differences between kindle for PC 1.24 and the latest kindle version kindle 1.28 or 1.30) that you can just ignore.

Starting in October 2020 Kindle for PC has become more aggressive about updating itself, even if the option to automatically install updates is deselected. How to deal with this new kindle update? You can block automatic updates for black automatic updates.

The batch file (disable k4pc download.bat) to disable kindle for pc updates can be put anywhere. You need to run it once and it will display a message letting you know whether it was successful or not. After running this file Kindle for PC will still try to download the new update each time it is restarted, but it will be unable to do so.

What I then found I needed to do was change the name of the folder that has your kindle books in and create a new one of the original name. Now when you open Kindle PC it will not see any of your books, so you will need to download them into this new folder. Now transfer those new files into Calibre and, for me at least, the DRM was removed.

I used the current version of Calibre, installed the Apprentice Alf plugin and added KFX input plugin. For the Alf plugin I customized it and chose the first option for kindle readers and put in my kindle serial number. I downloaded the file from my orders section of amazon and it converted just fine. This was after trying multiple ways including using old version of software on my MacBook.

Was able to have it work for my small selection of books, I was using latest Calibre 6.8, and DeDRM 7.2.1The key for me is I needed to do as Calibre suggested, download the books from amazon website for usb transfer, then was able to decrypt those[azw3 & azw files), was not able to decrypt .kfx I pulled directly from my device directly (Huge size difference 5090 KB vs 774kb).Very nice to free up my purchases and port over to my nook, thankyou all for the continuous feedback or I would have given up.

This file has been scanned with VirusTotal using more than 70 different antivirus software products and no threats have been detected. It's very likely that this software is clean and safe for use.

It's very likely that this is software is malicious or contains unwanted bundled software. Users are advised look for alternatives for this software or be extremely careful when installing and using this software.

A majority of electronic readers in the market support PDF files rather than Kindle file format. This means that if you have Kindle format Ebooks, you may have limited options when it comes to using electronic readers. The best option is to convert Kindle to PDF format. Once converted, you can easily read the files on E-Reader and other electronic devices like telephones, iPhone, smart TV, iPad, Sony e-Reader among others.

Ebook converter Ultimate is a great professional Ebook conversion tool to help you solve incompatibility issues of different file formats between various E-readers available in the market. Converting ebooks is very easy using this tool.

The DRM removal plugin ( can be found in the tools archive linked from the most recent post in this blog. The DeDRM plugin can remove DRM from Kindle eBooks (but not rented Kindle ebooks, books downloaded to a Kindle Fire, Kindle for iOS or the Windows Store Kindle App), Barnes & Noble ePub ebooks (but not books downloaded to the Windows Store Nook App) , any ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions DRM (this includes ePubs from Kobo and Sony that are downloaded for Adobe Digital Editions), and the older Mobipocket and eReader ebooks. For other kinds of ebooks see the other posts in this blog.

On Macintosh and Windows systems no customisation is required for ebooks from Kindle for Mac/PC, Nook Study, or Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), provided that calibre is run on the same computer and user account as the installation of Kindle for Mac/PC, Nook Study, or ADE to which the books were downloaded. The default key is found and stored in the preferences automatically. Anyone using Linux should read the ReadMe file for details of how to obtain the keys manually.

(The problem is that Windows will allow apps to browse inside zip archives without needing to unzip them first. If there are zip archives inside the main zip archives, Windows will show them as unzipped as well. So what happens is people will unzip the to create the DeDRM_tools_X.X.X folder but when using calibre they will actually navigate to the still zipped file by mistake and cannot tell they have done so because they do not have file extensions showing. So to the unwary Windows user, it appears that the zip archive was unzipped and that everything inside it was unzipped as well so there is no way to install the plugins.

If you are on Windows 8 or newer and using the Windows Store Kindle app, you must download and install the Kindle for PC application directly from the Amazon website. The tools do not work with the Windows Store Kindle app.

Most Amazon Kindle ebooks are Mobipocket format ebooks, or the new KF8 format. However, some are in a format known as Topaz. The Topaz format is only used by Amazon. A Topaz ebook is a collections of glyphs and their positions on each page tagged with some additional information from that page including OCRed text (Optical Character Recognition generated Text) to allow searching, and some additional layout information. Each page of a Topaz ebook is effectively a description of an image of that page. To convert a Topaz ebook to another format is not easy as there is not a one-to-one mapping between glyphs and characters/fonts. To account for this, two different formats are generated by the DRM removal software. The first is an html description built from the OCRtext and images stored in the Topaz file (HTMLZ). This format is easily reflowed but may suffer from typical OCRtext errors including typos, garbled text, missing italics, missing bolds, etc. The second format uses the glyph and position information to create an accurate scalable vector graphics (SVG) image of each page of the book that can be viewed in web browsers that support svg images (Safari, Firefox 4 or later, etc). Additional conversion software can be used to convert these SVG images to an image only PDF file. The DeDRM and Kindlebooks tools from this site provide both versions of the Topaz ebook so that the user can choose which one to use. The K4MobiDeDRM plugin only produces the html version of the ebook. The html version can be manually cleaned up and spell checked and then converted using Sigil/calibre to epubs, mobi ebooks, and etc.

If your PDF ebooks cannot be read in Adobe Digital Editions, the tools here cannot help. They are probably encrypted using the Content Server 3 (or earlier) methods which Adobe no longer support, not even to allow conversion to Content Server 4 (AKA Adobe Digital Editions).

The Rocket ebook format used its own DRM scheme. If you are still able to read your Rocket ebooks on your Reader, you might be able to remove the DRM using the information and tools provided in the Other Tools folder of the main archive.

The Microsoft LIT format used its own DRM scheme. If you are still able to read your Microsoft LIT ebooks on your computer, you can probably remove the DRM from them using the Convert LIT program, which is available at at

eReader ebooks: The output from an encrypted eReader file is a .pmlz zip file of the unencypted PML and images. If you have DropBook, a free application available from installed on your Mac, DropBook will be used to also produce an unencrypted eReader file. Sometimes there are problems compiling the decode PML file using DropBook. In such a case, Calibre can also import the PMLZ file and convert to other formats. N.B. The DropBook application will not run on Mac OS X 10.7 and later.

Please make sure you are using Kindle for Mac V1.31. Before downloading books from Kindle for Mac V1.31, you should input the code sudo chmod -x /Applications/ in the Terminal Window. For a detailed guide, please follow patch Kindle for Mac.

The first solution you should do is, checking your Kindle firmware version. Amazon releases its latest software named firmware 5.10.2 and above, which makes it impossible for (both Epubor and Calibre) us to directly remove DRM from kindle devices.

Calibre has been updated to handle an unencrypted KFX file but the Apprentice Alf decrypter addon does not work yet. Apprentice Alf gives identical error messages to your software so I suppose you are using the same open source decrypting code.

Thank you for leaving the message. Here are three methods to remove kindle drm on mac os 10.15: -kindle-drm-on-macos-1015-catalina.html Please follow this guide to remove your kindle drm on mac os 10.15.


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