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Scotch Yoke Mechanism Ppt Download

In this project, we have designed a double acting hacksaw machine. In industries saving the time and saving the manpower is an important thing all over the world. To satisfy the needs of the industries, we have designed a machine. The machine is exclusively intended for the mass production and they represent fast and more effective way to cut the materials. There are numerous types of cutting machines in engineering field, which are useful in fulfilling the requirements. This new machine is used to avoid the energy loss and save time. Scotch yoke mechanism is used for this purpose.

Scotch Yoke Mechanism Ppt Download

The Scotch yoke mechanism is a reciprocating motion mechanism, converting the linear motion of a slider into rotational motion, or vice versa. The piston or other reciprocating part is directly coupled to a sliding yoke with a slot that engages a pin on the rotating part. In many internal combustion engines, linear motion is converted into rotational motion by means of a crankshaft, a piston and a rod that connects them. The Scotch yoke is considered to be a more efficient means of producing the rotational motion as it spends more time at the high point of its rotation than a piston and it has fewer parts.

Motor and pulley is connected with one V type belt. The clamp is fixed with the disc and at the end of two shafts. Hack saw connected to the each shaft at the end. Construction of double acting hacksaw using scotch yoke mechanism consist the following components. 1. DC Motor 2. Pulleys 3. Bearings 4. Shaft 5. Hack saw 6. V belt

ABSTRACT The aim of the project is fabrication of duel side water pump. Duel side water pump using scotch yoke mechanism are reciprocating pump is which the plunger is provide for the pumping action. The plunger is reciprocated with the help of a cam place. By this action the water is pumped to very high pressure. This can be applied for various application. The cam plate gets the drive from the motor.The main function of the pump entirely depends upon the reciprocating motion of the plunger. The enter from the tank enter to the inlet port through PVC pipe. The water is passed to the cylinder. More the plunger compressed and delivers the water to a very high pressure. This cam plates get the drive from the motor.When the cam plate is made to rotate the plunger is move to the Bottom Dead Center (BDC). When the happens the suction of the water is in action. The suction is carried out by the plungers. The water sucked from the tank to the plunger cylinder through pipes and ports. The plunger forces toward the top dead center (TDC). Due to the force the developing of the water from the cylinder is carried out. The water is delivered through a one way valve. The delivery action takes place on plungers But the flow of water will be constant. The water delivered will be of very high pressure. The high pressure water is takes through pipes and utilized for the various purposes is agricultural applications.

The Scotch yoke mechanism is a reciprocating motion mechanism, converting the linear motion of a slider into the rotational motion of a crank or vice versa. In the present study, it has been considered that the gravitational forces are perpendicular to the motion plane.

The Scotch yoke mechanism has been around a long time and was used in the steam engines that powered the Industrial Revolution. Old mechanisms can be the heart of new inventions that are very relevant to the needs of the 21st century. In this design challenge, students will create models of the Scotch yoke to demonstrate the basic operation of this mechanism.

Limitorque's LPS heavy-duty pneumatic scotch yoke actuator is the innovative, reliable choice for on/off, inching and modulating automation applications on quarter-turn medium-to-large sized valves in general and protective services for the oil & gas market.


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